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Here’s the Hate

There are just a few thing to know: For an explanation of what this is about, read the box to the right. Patricia Washburn create the site and she’s awesome and will create a site for you! Through out the site you will see Donate buttons.  This allows my haters to have the opportunity to […]

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  • What IS all this?

    My name is Ragen Chastain and I blog at

    For a long time I've been struggling with how to deal with my hate mail. I was inspired by mommy-blogger Dooce's "monetize the hate" page because it allowed her to show what kind of crazy comments she gets without putting them on her main site, and if readers happen to click on the ads then she makes money for having to read that drivel.

    That seemed like a really awesome way to let the haters fund my work. I contacted Patricia Washburn of Eunice Pomfret Media and now here we are!