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Here’s the Hate

There are just a few thing to know:

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Here’s the hate:

I wanna punch hat tubby face so bad!

What did hats ever do to this person?

omg im skinny lose weight fatty bitches, you should cut back on the corn dogs i hate fatties!!!!!!!!!!

If anyone knows a therapist who can help someone deal with a issues surrounding a bad childhood visit to the county fair food booth, let me know and I’ll pass the info on.

She publishes hate mail she receives, but won’t approve my comment to be visible on her blog?

Those are some above average powers of deduction right there!

Eat a protein and lift a thing. Lose some goddamn weight and start looking like a normal human being.

Eat a protein and lift a thing?  This is your advice? Eat a protein and lift a thing.  Okie dokie then.

[In response to these images of Marilyn Monroe and me that a hater created] She was gorgeous and sexy while being healthy. You however are unhealthy, obese, and unattractive. You look like you can barely breathe in that position, because your fat is strangling you. Please don’t compare yourself to her. She was never more than a uk size 10, while you my friend look like your a size 20. Stop glorifying fat, it’s not normal, especially on someone young. You’re the reason child obesity rates are soaring. Disgusting. Fat is not something to be accepted.

You just went ahead and threw the whole kitchen sink in there didn’t you!  I’m not sure your idea that people of different sizes can’t be compared is going to catch on and I can’t imagine what possessed you to use the words “my friend” in the middle of this mess, but I’m a solid size 26. Glorifying obesity isn’t really a thing (though the diet industry appreciates your being gullible enough to buy into it.) Bonus points for being committed to throwing in a mention of childhood obesity, however ridiculous it may be. Fat is fine, hatred is not to be accepted.

You are a fat fucking cunt faced pig. 

Can I buy some punctuation here?

Ragen, you are human garbage. Suicide would be a favor to humanity.

I think we’re going to just have to agree to disagree on this one – not that you aren’t charming and all.

Do Feed the Activist

You’re a bad person.  There’s no way you can be a good person if you look like that.

This comment brought to you by appearance-based bigotry.

fat bitch, this shits fucking hilarious

I wonder what the kids will look like.?

The great Ragen Chastain told them it was okay to be a whale, so your fat fans are going to die in their 20’s.

Sorry, I didn’t hear anything after “The great Ragen Chastain”

Lies drip from your calorie ridden lips like the slop hanging off of the snout of a sow.

I’m going to leave this here in case an English teacher is looking for examples for their lesson on similes, single line poetry, or alliteration.

You are barely a person. (and from the same forum)  You don’t need a husband because you’re already two people.

In addition to dealing with your heteronormativity and sexism, y’all need to get it together.  Either I’m barely human or I’m two humans, let me know when you figure it out.

Maybe if you lost some weight and trained you could actually complete a marathon. [Comment in response to my blog post “My Big Fat Finished Marathon“.]

Maybe you missed the title of the blog, the content of the blog, and the picture of the medal and me wearing the medal, but I got it done without your, oh let’s be generous and call it “advice.” 

you are a fat slob. go eat more cake kunt

Usually I’m less upset that I got hatemail and more upset about the quality. I’d at least like to have some haters who take a little pride in their work.  Oh well, I’m fairly certain I’m not the first person to whom this commenter has been a disappointment.

You know your mentally ill right? You will die as a result of you’re weight, you can deny it all you want, you can come up with all the bullshit statistics that you want, but you know, you have a voice in the back of your head that knows you will die because of your arrogance.

Mental illness is a real thing and the people who have to deal with it face a tremendous amount of stigma, oppression and barriers to treatment.  It’s not cool to use it as an insult for people who don’t agree with you.  As for as the rest, maybe you should decide if I’m dying of my weight or of my arrogance and resubmit a comment that makes sense, and as long as you are able to predict the future would some lotto numbers kill you?

Every time a fat person eats, a child dies of hunger. Childkilling landwhales must die and she should be first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds like we have a horrifying  sequel to It’s a Wonderful Life! What is with the landwhale thing?  There are fat animals that live ON LAND there’s no need to make up an animal. 

Looks like the whale has been harpooned. Now it just needs to wash up on the beach and be harvested. Best whale hunt of 2014.

I’m against whale hunting, and I’m really against doing it like this.  Can you imagine if this is how it actually worked?  Start with the horror of hunting whales and add a shitload of inefficiency.  Also, as your hater brethren above pointed out,  I am a landwhale, no washing up necessary, I’m already here, on land.  This hate is just messy dude, pull it together.


I admire the specificity here.  Not just go exercise or whatever, but I should specifically play tennis. Tennis is the magical key to whatever the hell this person thinks I should accomplish. You heard it here first y’all, tennis is where it’s at!

Do Feed the Activist

I’m curious how she’s so big yet so flat.  There’s is literally nothing filling out the top of that shirt.

There’s nothing wrong with bodies or breasts of any size, still I feel like you’re losing credibility here…

ragen Cabaret Headshot

This is literally the most inane and moronic thing I have ever read.

Right back at you.

I refuse to believe people like you are even real at all

There’s no place like home.  There’s no place like home…

Delete all the comments you want, it just reflects the attitude you have towards your own body.

Pffft, logic. Who needs it?  Obviously not this commenter.

Lighten up, Regan, you disgruntled BITCH. FUCK YOU.

In addition to my confusion about the capitalization strategy here, I’m feeling a bit of cognitive dissonance. Typically when I want someone to “lighten up” I don’t shout obscenities at them, but of course that’s just me – your mileage may vary.

Gender neutral bathrooms, fat acceptance, feminism, etc. You can’t stop that shit.


Hi Ragen, You dirty fat pig, You filthy, ugly fat pig. You lying scammy pig and your stupid lazy pig blog readers.

Ok, but I really think the question we all have is – do you think I’m a pig?  Also, who starts this with “Hi Ragen,”?

Support the activists horizontal

This Saturday we completed 26.2 miles in just over 7 1/2 hours. I was exhausted. Like… Could-barely-walk-when-I-was-done exhausted. There is NO. FUCKING. WAY. That manatee walked 26 miles. No way. I don’t believe it for a second. You know what I think?

I think she made it up. I think she might’ve shown up, got her swag, and then left. She concocts these nonsense timelines to abet her story, shows up at the finish line, wraps herself in a blanket (looking fresh as a daisy, btw), collects her medal, and has something to post about.

It’s the desperation I love most about this.  This person is absolutely clawing and heaving, desperate to defend and reinforce their prejudice. (Though I appreciate them saying I looked fresh as a daisy at the finish line, since I felt like shit!)  There’s a saying I think is pertinent here:  “Some people will see you walk on water and say it’s because you can’t swim.”

An untrained couch potato will find a 7 hour marathon trivial. [from the same forum as the last comment I posted.]

I think you might want to fact check that.  Especially considering that last commenter who said  “I was exhausted. Like… Could-barely-walk-when-I-was-done exhausted.” after their 7.5 hour marathon.

If she finishes sub-8h I will personally gain 200 pounds in her honor. [Posted in reference to my next marathon, which has an 8 hour time limit]

Pics or it didn’t happen “Ragenomics”.  PS:  I’m totally flattered by your choice of username!

I was almost jealous when I saw that you could do the splits, then I realized that if I had 200 extra pounds on my core pressing down on me that I could do them to.

Yes, that’s precisely how doing the splits works.  Just put on extra weight and your legs will be magically flexible.  Here’s a 200 pound vest, give it a try. Go ahead, I’ll wait.  What’s that?  The ambulance…sure, I’ll stand here and wave them toward you.

A part of me sincerely hopes she dies doing that marathon.

Well aren’t you just the sweetest thing, thanks for using “sincerely” so that I really understand that you want me to die, I might not have believed it otherwise.  Update:  I finished the marathon, very much alive.

Perhaps you should consider that we shame people in society to correct (out of concern).

Perhaps you should consider that shame is not an appropriate way to show concern and that people in society don’t need you to correct them.  For example, I would like to help you understand this using the correcting method of face punching (out of concern of course) but I don’t because I can grasp the basic concept of appropriate social interaction.

Just because you can do everything athletes can do does not make you an athlete.

In the words of comic Ron White:  next time you have a thought,  just let it go

Pretty sure you still think you’re just a little chubby but hot.

Pretty sure reading comprehension isn’t your thing.  I’m not just a little chubby, I’m fat (hence the blog – danceswithfat) I am hot, but I would be that at any size.

ham beasts all of you ham beasts

I prefer bacon beast, but to each their own.  Thanks for stopping by to share your wisdom with the class.

You’re hurting all the people who love you.  I hate to be a blip on your parade.

First of all, you feel comfortable speaking for all the people who love me?  Well then allow me to do the same (since I actually know them) and say: please fuck right the hell off.   Also, I think that you either meant that you don’t want to rain on my parade or be a blip on my radar.  Either way, don’t worry about it – I don’t care enough about you for you to be either of those things.

Pro-Tip:  You are a Fat Hoe

That’s not a pro-tip, it’s not a tip at all.  Let me give an example:  Pro-tip:  If you are attempting to garden over a large area, try to find a Fat Hoe, as a thin one will take much longer.

Enjoy your fat!

Will do!

My assumption is that you will delete this comment the moment I post it

Well, I do hate to disappoint. Looks like even a broken watch is right twice a day. [clicks “trash”]

Please don’t delete my comment again, this is not hate mail I honestly want to help.

I don’t want your help, which you should have ascertained based on all the times that I’ve deleted your comment. Continuing to think that I need your help and trying to force it on me makes this hatemail. Pull it together and take it somewhere else dude.

Dehumaninizing fat people is the only way to help them. The problem with overweight people is that they are comfortable with themselves mentally.

Well, I do believe that my blog has been visited by the tragically misguided love child of Meme Roth and Dr. Phil.

I’m only posting it here because it highlights how fucked up you people are and how logical my approach is.

Your benevolence is just touching, but I’ll not be posting your ridiculous rant.

You swear too much in this post.

Fuck you.

Can’t contain my rage. How does she sleep at night?

Because I can contain mine. 

This is the kind of stuff that makes me embarrassed to be from U.S

I think I speak for all of us when I say, don’t be afraid to move on out.

cant we just kill the fat people and make cat food out of them? 99% of obese people are just stupid lazy ugly pieces of lard,fuck em

No, you can’t.  But since you asked…I’m not a psychologist but maybe the fact that you can’t decide whether to kill us or fuck is indicates some deeper issues.  Why cat food – you don’t think dogs would also enjoy delicious Fat People Chow?  Also what about the 1% who, in your estimation, aren’t stupid lazy blah blah blah, are we just sacrificing them to the great cat food cause? 

Do Feed the Activist

I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

Blah blah blah my dad was a Marine and I’ve heard versions of this speech since I was six (less the IP tracing of course.)  If you are actually a Vet I want to thank you for your service, and I mean that sincerely.

I’ve never read something that has made me this mad before, I’m almost speechless because of it.

Damn, so close – sorry that I wasn’t able to take you all the way.

fat ppl are discusting ourside but whats going on in their evil minds are even worse

Hooked on phonics did not work for this person.

I would appreciate if this comment wasn’t deleted or modified.

I would appreciate a pony. I would say that we’re both going to have to learn to live with disappointment, but I can totally get a pony while your comment will never see the light of day.

You have no business offering advice when you look like a cow

Then who will be left to give advice to those who want to look like cows?

I will not see the day where my child will be bullied by fatties for not being an unhealthy fuck like them.

Stop the logic train – we had a passenger fall off.

So tell me, how many pounds have you lost with your current philosophy? Why would anyone take weight loss advice from you?

Now you’re catching on!

FYI, if you keep deleting this comment I will keep reposting it. If I have to use proxies or the tor network to continue posting, I will. Let the people “weigh in” or you’ll just continue to be bashed.

A threat and a pun all in the same comment? I’m a lucky fatty. To say thanks, instead of deleting it I just didn’t approve it – comment limbo for you my friend.

Seriously, why don’t you lose some weight fatty?

Oh. Seriously…why didn’t someone say seriously before? Screw the mountain of research that shows that almost every attempt at weight loss fails, since you said “Seriously” I’m going to take your advice. Thank all the gods for you, random name-calling stranger on the internet.

Stop trying to justify your unhealthy lifestyle, laziness, and lack of activity by organizing people with the same attributes as you as to create a conformed sense of community to make you feel better. Fatty.

Excellent use of vocabulary from your Psychology 101 summer course. 

You think being a fatty is healthy you dumb bitch?

As far as being healthy, I know that fat is neither healthy nor unhealthy just like skinny is neither healthy nor unhealthy. There are unhealthy skinny people and healthy fat people and why is this concept so difficult for you people? It’s a curb that’s one inch high – you’re so athletic, step up.

If we were attacked by terrorist, the fatties would go first, you wouldn’t even be able to defend our country….God bless everybody…Even the fatties I suppose.

Ok General Genius, let’s examine the situation: While it is true that those who are first killed are no longer available for the defense of our country, if we are attacked (by terrorists or anyone else) then the people nearest the attacks will likely die first, regardless of size. This is already an observable phenomenon. But thank you for being so gracious as to maybe kind of ask God to bless the fatties. Because God listens to you when it comes to who deserves Her blessings. Sure, that’s exactly how it goes, and we’ll all back you up on that -even if they question us separately.


Spoiler Alert – Private Pyle kills the person said this to him at the end of the movie. Count yourself lucky that I have more class than you and more stability than Private Pyle. Also, of course you lacked the intestinal fortitude to sign your real name or use your real e-mail address so it would be difficult to find you anyway.

Never wrestle with a pig? But Ragen – you ARE a pig

The cleverness…it’s…it’s just overwhelming. Dear gods I’ve met my match.

Fat people are race traitors and should be shot.Holy shit. I didn’t realize how fucking retarded fat people are.

This moment of cultural competency brought to you by my hate mailers.

Your ignorance is a fucking god damn miracle

Can I buy some punctuation or a compound word here?

You’re a prime example of Natural Selection. You wouldn’t last 30 days before civilization. Humans aren’t meant to sit around and eat shit all day. There were no obese people in hunter-gatherer communities, and they consistently exercised. So no, it isn’t fucking genetics again. Please educate yourselves, so you don’t retard the next generation into obesity.

In order for this to insult me you should have said that I’m an affront to Natural Selection. If I’m a prime example then everyone should be fat. There aren’t a lot of things that were meant to sit around and eat shit all day – there are some beetles I think. The hunter gatherer people had significantly shorter life spans than we do today. In fact the trajectory for increased weight and increased lifespan match each other – perhaps there’s the Natural Selection you were looking for earlier. You do not retard people into body size. Retard means to slow down not grow bigger. The fact that a request to educate myself comes from you is basically an indictment against the concept of education.

Sure delete this comment so no one can see how fucking stupid you are. All of the people on this blog need some common sense, so actually let them see this.

Actually I deleted the comment so that no one can see how fucking stupid you are. I was trying to do you a favor but hey, your wish is my command buddy.

FYI rolls are not curves

In fact they are.

you all are stupid freeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe things have changed since I was a spelling bee kid, but back then you weren’t allowed to make up for a misspelling by adding additional exclamation points.

you should probably kill yourself, you digusting fucking pig.

Why in the world would you use “probably” in this sentence? If you can’t tell me to definitely kill myself who’s going to respect you?

Support the activists horizontal

Yeah, no… you’re fat.

Yeah, yeah… I knew this one already, you can tell because I named the blog Dances with Fat.


Eventually. And hey, Right back atcha!

There are some people on this earth who do not deserve the ability to pick up pencil and paper. How stupid to write something like that.

Um, I don’t know how you made this comment but this is the internet – no pencil or paper required.

The only thing that saves me from fatasses is knowing that my hobbies include things I’ll never see them do. Like running marathons, and continuing to live into my 60s.

The only thing that saves me from haters is knowing how absolutely wrong they are…

This blog gave me cancer.

That’s a coincidence because I was thinking that you are a cancer on this blog.

Oh hell no. You & yours would be better served taking your fat pride somewhere else.

Seriously? This is MY blog. You can take your fat hate somewhere else, oh wait, I just did that for you. Thanks for your contribution to the my fundraising.

We could turn fat people into fuel for our cars! That would break us of our dependence on oil.

We could turn bigoted jerks with too much time on their hands into fuel for our cars. That would break us of our dependence on oil and save us from having to read the drivel written by bigoted jerks with too much time on their hands.

Linda Bacon is a fraud and you fatties eat too much bacon.

I see what you did there, making a joke out of her last name. That was really clever. Well, it would be if we were in junior high school. But we’re not. So this is just weak. Also, you might want to Google “fraud” since Linda Bacon has earned her doctorate in physiology, specializing in weight regulation and holds graduate degrees in psychology, specializing in eating disorders and body image, and kinesiology, specializing in exercise metabolism, and has professional experience as a professor, researcher, psychotherapist, exercise physiologist, and consultant and you are on the internet trying to use weak wordplay to make fun of people.

This is why everyone hates fat people. You all seem to think that being 300lbs overweight is healthy and that the whole world says otherwise only because they feel insecure about themselves. Seriously, I hate every single one of you.

Ok, just like everyone isn’t a sad lonely person who spends their days spreading hate on the internet, everyone also doesn’t hate fat people. And I’m not saying that 300 pounds is healthy or unhealthy, I’m saying that 300 pounds is a body weight, not a health diagnosis and plenty of doctors, scientists and others agree with me. I wouldn’t mind if you didn’t agree, I am concerned that you don’t seem to be able to grasp a simple concept.

fatties gonna fat, let them eat themselves to death, the more they commit foodicide the more skinny bitches there will be for me to pound.

Setting aside the fact that no self-respecting woman would have you, trust me when I tell you that the odds of you getting laid are miniscule enough without eliminating options.

As a fatty that’s lost 60 pounds I’m pretty god damned mad right now.

You have a right to your feelings but ask yourself – why are you mad? And why do you lack the emotional intelligence to separate your choices from the choices of others? And why do you think I care?

I would study for 8 years and become a doctor, just so I could make fun of a fatty and see the smug look disappear from their endless chins. Funny thing is, I’m actually in med school! can’t wait

Of course you are honey – you’re definitely not living a lonely and friendless existence which you’re dealing with by striking out at random people on the internet. Nope, you’re in med school, that’s the story we’ll go with.

That the problem, in the end, is that fat people, especially the morbidly obese, are considered unattractive by society as a whole… And quite frankly, for good reason. An obese individual has lost all semblance of humanity, and more closely resembles a hippo, an elephant, or a whale. How could one honestly expect society to find these monstrostities attractive?  But the average individual realizes that they can’t just flat out state, “I find you to be repulsive,” even though it is true, because if they were dealing with an individual who was unattractive for reasons out of their control it would be considered incredibly rude. So instead of this blunt, hurtful, yet honest statement, they make other arguments (some/many/most of which are valid, whether you choose to hide behind your blindfold of “NOT PROVEN!” or not) but honestly, we don’t care if you are unhealthy. Frankly, the faster you die off and vanish the better. At least when you are a corpse you’ll lose a whole bunch of weight.
Fat people are gross. You hurt our eyes and our sensibilities. Lose some weight and come back out in public when people can look at you without having to restrain themselves from putting out their eyes.

Wow, you have some issues, and I don’t just mean your grammar, spelling, and use of mixed metaphors. Sounds like you need to learn the super secret skill of…wait for it…looking at something else.  Good luck grasshopper.

Also beautiful and fat women doesn’t exist. Except for people with a fucked up fetish.
Stop trying to justify being such a fat bitch it doesn’t happen overnight, you take a choice and decide to be a fat fuck. Makes me fucking sick

I can’t express my disappointment that we won’t be dating.  And when I say I can’t express it, I mean that there isn’t any.

Only fatasses fail. Fat cunt.

You took time out of your day to type this.  Assuming that you aren’t fat I think you’ve disproved your own point. 

You shouldn’t have gone to the doctors, we would all rather you be dead than complaining about “really hard workouts” Did you walk on the treadmill for a couple minutes and then chow down on KFC when you got home? I bet you did you whore. Scratch that, it would be impossible to find your vagina in the vast sea of chub. So you can’t be a whore.

Is it odd that the only thing that offended me about this comment was the idea that I would complain about really hard workouts? 

This is the second time i reply, i dont know why the first time my post didnt appear.

Because I found your comment rude and useless, it’s my blog, I think you’re a jerk, and I have no obligation to give you a forum in which to be a jerk.

Also please stop trying to defend being fat as something good. Perhaps it’s not as bad as some people make it out to be, but it’s definitly bad.

Could you have hedged juuuust a little more on your argument? 

Health at any size? What about dead at any size?

Is there a size of people who don’t die?  I was not aware…

You are hardly overweight. You barely represent overweight people.

This is a new one.  Are you serious? “Hardly overweight?” Lady, I am “Type Three Super Obese” according to the (epically flawed) BMI chart. In other words, I’m so fat that it should come with a cape and a secret identity, so back off while I represent for the Fat Side.

I don’t think they want to get rid of them. I think they just don’t want to talk to or look at them because they can’t handle looking at reality.

Ok, I’m going to need you to clarify your use of them, they, them and they because I don’t know if you don’t want to look at me or if you can’t handle looking at reality- seriously, don’t leave a comment that makes me use context clues to determine meaning. 

You’re a fucking idiot aren’t you?


If you’re obese, you have not taken good care of yourself. Can you be thin and healthy? Not necessarily either, but at least you wont have diabetes, heart disease and other ailments that come with being overweight.

Not so much, thin people get diabetes, heart disease and all the other diseases that get correlated with obesity. 

[with a picture of me doing a standing heel stretch] Ragen Chastain, author of Dances With Fat: 5’4, 284 pounds. Somewhat impressive for a sea whale

Actually really, really impressive for a sea whale as it lacks the legs and arms that are so very important to this particular move.  I, however, would have to be classified as a landwhale as I am clearly on land.

Do Feed the Activist

Good for you, you ****ing dance, what do you want? a cookie?

Yes please.  Chocolate Chip.

I wanna punch her in the face along with any other people that have the same logic

Overreact much?

Fat people should all be killed. Fact. Deal with it, stretchmarks.

This word “fact”, I do not think it means what you think it means.

Sorry fattcakes [sic], fat is unhealthy no matter how much you can do.

Sorry commenter, you misspelled fattcakes. It’s one “t”.And probably hyphenated.  Maybe I could just be called “bundt cakes” instead?

I hope you know people, deep inside, laugh at you dancing.

Nope, I don’t. Thanks for spending your day watching me dance though. Sounds like it was a fabulous use of your time.

You look like a beached whale that grew legs.

Ok, but it seems like in that case you maybe would have been better off going with elephant or rhino or some kind of fat land animal. Just a suggestion though.

I want to punch you over and over in your fat stomack [sic] and watch you die landwhale

I think you’re a sad human being and I feel bad for every single person who has to interact with you.  And not just because you misspelled stomach.

If your doctor killed you it would’ve been a good thing, it would have improved the gene pool. Kidding of course, there is no way any man would ever fuck you.

Somebody’s not getting any and is juuuust a little bitter.

There’s a lot of painfully stupid stuff written by the HAES crowd, but this might take the cake for amount of idiocy per paragraph

Why thank you, I do strive to be the best.   I’m not sure that a paragraph is a particularly useful measurement of idiocy – paragraphs being variable in size and wholly non-existent in some writing.  I would have gone with “Word-for-word the most idiocy” but that’s just me.

And omg..what makes me more mad, is that this dancingwithfatty fatty says “I’d like to see someone come up to my face and make fun of me”, and bitch, oh mah gad, i would be honored to slap your double chin anyday, then proceed to help you order a diet coke.

Leaving alone the mayor-of-wackadoodle-town overreaction of wanting to physically assault me because you don’t like the way that I live my life, I’m surprised that since I’m such a big fat fatty you would think I’d need help ordering food.

i hope she dies of something that is caused from being fat ahaha

I hope that you have instant karma.

just cause your fat and mad that you feel guilty for being fat doesn’t mean you have to make a fucking blog about it. posting some fucked up articles why its better not to work hard and be responsible about your health.

Why are you reading it? And how are you so bad at comprehending it?

dancing is not the only form of exercise you should do. she is just creatively avoiding exercise.

This right here is a special kind of stupid.  The first sentence admits that dancing is exercise.  The second sentence accuses me of avoiding it.  Not to mention that nowhere does it say that dancing is the only exercise that I do.  You’ve actually managed to make something up and still argue it unsuccessfully.  I think the internet may not be for you. 


I’d respect you if you had said fat Fatties gonna fat fattily (thereby making fat into four separate parts of speech).  But you didn’t and so this is weak.

Clever fat fuck, you can’t keep my comments off your page.

Clever fat fuck can and did.  But you’re getting your day in the sun now. 

So…If I call a fat bitch a disgusting fat whale and put my dick in her mouth and say suck she’ll empty my balls completely

Therapy.  Lots of it.  Right now.  Also, no.

Fuck you Fatty McFattsworthe, Fifth Baroness of Chubbington. Spinning around for ~2 minutes does not an exercise make. If you devoted as much time to self-improvement as you do to self-delusion, you would actually be as healthy as you claim to be.

I love that so much I’m thinking of buying a castle and changing my name.  As for the rest of it blah blah I’m bored now.

Fucking kill that fat cunt with a pipebomb

Are you sure that a pipebomb is the way to go here? It seems like there are better weaponry choices.

Sure, you can be beautiful and fat, but theres nothing beautiful about someone being so fat that their heart explodes. If everyone only tries to look at the good then they wont spend any time trying to work on their problems.

At least the fat surrounding the heart will keep the explosion from getting all over everyone. See, I’m a giver.

Support the activists horizontal

Telling someone that they were too fat for an X-ray? That would be the best part of my day, actually. I would find and purchase with my own funds an industrial, OSHA-style warning sign that says clearly and prominently, “Weight Limit XXX lbs.” (with XXX being the weight limit, most likely 300 or 350 pounds) for display on the machine if I were the radiology tech. My heart would sing every time I got to point to the sign and say, “Sorry, you are too fat to be scanned by this machine.”

Denying people health care and shaming them. Must be magic to know you.

For what it’s worth, I kinda think that this lady is a little crazy

This isn’t really hate mail, it just made me laugh so I decided to include it.  I’m glad that this person included the phrase “for what it’s worth”.

Fat and fit is a joke. HAES is a joke. Linda Bacon and Eggs is a fraud.
You FA people are beyond delusional. You don’t speak for even .00000!% of fat people. Get A CLUE!!!

I think that adults calling other adults names is definitely one of the top signs of a well thought out comment don’t you?  Also, I’m confused about “.00000!%  It sort of looks like what the Tazmanian Devil would come up with if asked for a very small percentage.

If HAES worked doctors would recommend it. You fucking fat retard do you realize your propaganda is killing people?

Dieting doesn’t work and doctors recommend that all the time.  Regardless,  I don’t know how I’ll ever manage to do as much for society as someone who calls people “fucking fat retards”.  Kudos to you, good use of your limited time on Earth.

Game Over
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  • What IS all this?

    My name is Ragen Chastain and I blog at www.danceswithfat.org.

    For a long time I've been struggling with how to deal with my hate mail. I was inspired by mommy-blogger Dooce's "monetize the hate" page because it allowed her to show what kind of crazy comments she gets without putting them on her main site, and if readers happen to click on the ads then she makes money for having to read that drivel.

    That seemed like a really awesome way to let the haters fund my work. I contacted Patricia Washburn of Eunice Pomfret Media and now here we are!